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Nutter Clothing Company offers a number of services to improve your clothing, personalize it, and personalize items.

Dry Cleaning:
Like Nu Cleaners Nutter Clothing Company has created a partnership with Like Nu Cleaners to provide a dry-cleaning service that adheres to your schedule. We are now offering pick-up and drop-off dry cleaning services to our in-town St. Peter residents. Call today to have one of our staff members pick-up or deliver your dry cleaning right to your door! We can clean anything from suit jackets, button down shirts, and pants to socks, ties, and more.

Alterations are available for our esteemed customers, and, much like the dry cleaning that is provided, we will have them performed accurately and to the customer's specifications in a timely fashion. Make those pants fit perfectly, adjust the length of your sleeves, tailor the shoulder area of a jacket, or make a shirt fit more snugly or looser through our detailed tailors' work.

We offer imprints on clothing, on t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other casual wear. This is letters or an image indented into the fabric with no ink. This is a subtle way to personalize your clothing and it works for any color or style.

Nutter Clothing Company also offers embroidery. We can sew anything from logos, letters, names, and other text to floral designs and stitching patterns. Ask us about our customized embroidery options.

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